Big News!!

by Gosee, 229 days ago

Well well, took me some time to update this.

We got to 10/14 HC which is not bad!

Good job everyone on getting there!


With that being said, High Frequency is taking a break from raiding until WoD!

I want to thank everyone who has raided with us, if you want to join us in WoD for mythic raiding contact Llandri or one of the officers in-game!


See you all in WoD!



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Heroic Progression!

by Gosee, 339 days ago

Heroic progress has started!! First week we got to 3/14!

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Heroic SoO Soon!

by Gosee, 349 days ago

Finally got Garrosh down after 2 really close wipes!

Heroic raiding starts now!

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Update! SoO!

by Gosee, 360 days ago

So we finished HC ToT with 11/13 HC and a close wipe on Lei Shen! Overall we all did a good job and I am proud of it :D

Currently we got to 13/14 on Normal SoO

Heroic kills will be coming Soon!

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Heroic: 2 Girls 1 Raid

by Gosee, 360 days ago

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Phase 2 comet bugs were annoying but we got them, easy kill!

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